Welcome to Rubi, the page for Rule-based Integration

Rubi is an extensive system of symbolic integration rules that can be systematically applied to determine the antiderivative of a wide variety of mathematical expressions. Organized as a decision tree based on the form of the integrand, the 6600+ rules Rubi uses can be viewed in human-readable form or downloaded in machine-readable form.

How Rubi Compares with Other Symbolic Integrators

Rubi dramatically out-performs other symbolic integrators, including Maple and Mathematica, on a grueling integration test suite consisting of over 70 thousand integrands and their optimal antiderivatives. The result of integration produced by the various systems is divided into several classes as follows:

An extensive report about testing the integration capabilities of several systems and information about the used software versions can be found on the homepage of Nasser M. Abbasi. The following chart summarizes the results of the test suite problems when run by different systems.


What if you have questions or suggestions?

For bugs or feature requests, please use the issue tracker on GitHub. If you like to discuss certain parts of Rubi, feel free to join our Gitter chat using your GitHub login.